Cooking Holiday France

Spending time in a cookery school is a long-standing tradition for individuals visiting France. With a range of courses to hone their baking, mixing, chopping, boiling and cooking skills, French cooking courses are a highlight for sure. If you don't have an entire season, you can enroll in a one-off cooking class. Below are some of our favourite options to whisk you away.

The Art of Hors D'oeuvres

Accommodating potatoes bunch and meat while staying within the budget is an art requiring expert balance. Perfect your skills with a class in Hors D'oeuvres. Learn the art of staples, starches, finger foods, hands-on techniques and other creative options to present and impress your guest.

Classic French Sauces

Wine tasting paris

With a few hours, you will be well equipped with the mastery of making a variety of classic French sauces. The course tackles hot, cold and dessert sauces. Taught by pro chefs, expect to learn how to make mayonnaise, French vinaigrette, béarnaise, béchamel, port wine sauce, shallot sauce, red wine, classic chocolate sauce and caramel au beurre sale.

Wine tasting courses in Paris

Are you a wine lover? Or do you just want to get started? Opt for a wine tasting paris in the French capital. In addition to gastronomy, France is famous for its excellent wine, so don't hesitate any longer.

Macaron Classes in Paris

Macarons are beautiful classic treats found at patisseries all over Paris. If you are interested in the art of making the sweet Parisian icons, then Macaron classes are for you. Working together with French chefs, you will select a few varieties of Macarons to make. During the sessions, you will gain knowledge of making the elegant pastries step by step.

Baking Croissants in the French capital

In the croissant class paris, you will learn how to make France's trademark pastry. In just a few hours, you will learn the secret of making these breakfast pastries. With the help of a French chef, you will learn the tips and tricks required in making the popular Croissant from scratch. What's more, you can book separate classes for kids.