Learn to make croissants with croissant class paris

Discover the Parisian culinary culture

Croissants are one thing that you should learn to bake when you visit Paris. You should book a class early enough before you get to Paris since croissant classes are highly booked. You may say that you will buy a croissant and eat it but the one you have baked yourself is the best especially when accompanied with coffee.

There are a number of classes offered private for those who want full attention. Weekend classes are for those who are busy during weekdays, during weekdays both evening and day classes are available. The instructors conducting these classes are friendly and ready to share all their skills in backing. You will get full attention from them since the croissant classes are conducted in small groups. The most exciting of all is that you will get to learn and at the same time interact with different visitors from different classes.

The croissant class in Paris are short and enjoyable as they take a maximum of three hours. They are conducted in both French and English and for those who do not understand either of the languages can arrange special classes and the instructors can get them a translator.

The classes are practical and recipe is given to student so that they can practice at home. In croissant classes you will be thought to how to bake plain, chocolate, raisin and a snail shaped one and also how to differentiate different croissant .All this will be taught more than once so that the learner trusts his or her baking guts. The learner will grasp so much including how the make the famous flaky pâte feuilletée levee croissants, creamy croissant and also how to shape them so that they look appetizing.

After classes you will be able to share your croissant with your classmate and you will get to learn from them. The most thrilling of them all you will carry your remaining croissant back home and above all be an expert in baking.